COG module

COG module - includes 5x8 dot matrix glass panels with character type COG display modules 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2, and graphics COG LCD display models with resolutions ranging from 128x33128x64, 128x128, 160x160, 240x64, 240x128, 240x160, 320x240, etc.

Segmented module

A module composed of segment code LCD, driver circuit, backlight, etc., including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA types, which can display numbers and some identification symbols.

Graphic Dot Matrix

Graphic dot matrix LCD module covering resolutions of 122x32, 128x64, 128x128, 144x32160x160, 160x32, 160x80, 192x64, 240x64, 240x128320x240, etc.

Character Dot Matrix

Covering 8x1, 8x2, 16x1, 16x2, 16x4, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2 to 40x4, there are multiple font library ICs for selecting font types and language families. The backlight can be paired with LED yellow green light, blue light, green light, white light, amber light, red light, etc.

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