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Management system authentication certificate




    ISO9001                                IATF16949                              ISO14001                               GBT45001


PQC(production quality control)


Raw material: IQC conducts AQL0.25 proportion sampling inspection on the main material.

In the process: Full process self-inspection+Key process product guarantee sampling inspection+image measuring instrument+microscopic examination+Illuminometer+pullers etc.  Professional testing equipment.

Before delivery:manual testing+AOI100%electrical performance、appearance test,random inspection after packing.


AOI100%electrical performance、appearance test


Reliability test


Pre-factory test:LCM:Vibration test, aging test.LCD:Boiling test for 24 hours, storage freezing test at minus 40℃.

  Type tests:   Double 85 high temperature and high humidity test (aging test)、High and low temperature storage test, high and low temperature power-on lighting test, 0-100 ℃ cold and thermal shock test.

Customers can specify tests: drop test, salt spray test, antistatic test, dust test, anti-UV test, etc.