Intelligent display

A highly integrated intelligent display solution composed of display screen, touch screen, driver, GUI software, power processing, communication interface, etc.

Colorful touch control

Display graphic icons in dazzling and realistic colors, combined with sensitive and reliable capacitive buttons, to achieve a human-machine interaction module that integrates display and touch.

Three prevention module

By implementing protective methods through structural design and production processes, the reliability of the display module in various environments is ensured.


TFT screens with standard and non-standard sizes can be used in consumer, medical, home appliances, industrial control, instrumentation, automotive and other fields.


The characteristics of OLED are self illumination, no backlighting required, high visibility and brightness, and no angle of view issues. It has low driving voltage, high power efficiency, fast response, light weight, thin thickness, simple structure, and low cost.

Touch display

On the LCD module, the integration of display and touch buttons is achieved through full bonding technology or in box capacitive button technology.

COG module

COG module - includes 5x8 dot matrix glass panels with character type COG display modules 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2, and graphics COG LCD display models with resolutions ranging from 128x33128x64, 128x128, 160x160, 240x64, 240x128, 240x160, 320x240, etc.

Segmented module

A module composed of segment code LCD, driver circuit, backlight, etc., including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA types, which can display numbers and some identification symbols.

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